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Nat Lab was founded in 1994 and specializes in the production and distribution of natural cosmetics and personal care products and products for the care of the face, body and hair.

The experience and expertise of Nat Lab people, has its roots in 1948 when Matthew Karystinos dared and created the first integrated plant for the production and marketing of cosmetics in Greece. Years passed, generations have changed and moved into new quests, to recipes for the creation of products based on new techniques and methods of preparation, following the new trend that prevailed in America, focusing on natural products.

Nat Lab has set up an affiliate company based in New York, which already operates and aims to its further development in America. The expansion of its activities continues with a Swiss firm, which in 2008 opened its first shop in the Swiss market.

Nat Lab is currently operating in Greece with the franchise system and maintains a pilot store in Maroussi and a franchise shop in Corfu, operating under the same principles and common philosophy.

The headquarters of the company, have the logistics, organizational structure and expertise to support every store and partner.